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instant noodles consumption per capita

Do You Like Ramyun (Instant Noodles)? Then Consider Moving to Korea

  Enjoyed by presidents and beggars alike, ramyun (ramen or instant noodles in Korean) is a truly versatile food that can be had as a snack or as a meal. The best thing about these curly noodles that come in a shiny polypropylene packaging is its simplicity:

An infographic of South Korea's all-time Olympic Games medal table (1948-2012)

South Korea’s All-time Olympic Games Medal Table

South Korea first competed in the Olympics Game in 1948.  Here is an infographic of South Korea’s all-time Olympic Games medal table (1948-2012)  

Top 10 Highest Grossing Korean Movies in Hollywood

10. OLD BOY – $707,481 (#OF THEATERS : 28) 9. CHUN HYANG – $798,977 (#OF THEATERS : 16) 8. MASQUERADE – $922,921 (#OF THEATERS : 15) 7. THE BROTHERHOOD OF WAR – $111,1061 (#OF THEATERS : 34) 6. THE HOST- $2,201,923 (#OF THEATERS : 116) 5. ODE TO

Looking for a Mr. Kim in Seoul = Finding a Needle in a Haystack (The Story Behind Korean Last Names)

LOOKING FOR A MR. KIM IN SEOUL – FINDING A NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK Do you have a Korean friend? Then the chances are pretty good that his/her last name is one of the following: Kim, Lee, Park, or Choi. Well if not, your friend

Celebrities Who Danced “Gangnam Style” (Did They Really?)

  CELEBS WHO DANCED “GANGNAM STYLE” – BOTH WILLINGLY AND UNWILLINGLY Andrew Garfield, Bobby Moynihan, Brad Paisley, Bridgit Mendler, Brittney Spears, Carrie Underwood, Cody Simpson, Conor Mayard, David Hasselhoff, Ellie Goulding, Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Heidi Klum, Hugh Jackman, Jason Dundas, Jay Glazer, Jimmy

When in Korea, Be Ready for an Odd Compliment “Your Face is So Small!”

WHAT A SMALL FACE YOU GOT! I ENVY YOU! “Wow! Your face is the size of a fist!” If someone says this to your face, don’t panic because he/she is not trying to pick a fight with you. Rather, it is a genuine compliment coming

Q: How Much Kimchi Do Korean People Consume a Year?

KIMCHI IS NOT A MEAL Should you insist on overindulging in Kimchi, here is another reason why you should consider not doing it – Kimchi is NOT A MEAL. I repeat – KIMCHI IS NOT A MEAL, and nobody in Korea eats Kimchi alone as