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korean king hat

Can You Guess? The Hat of the Korean Kings Symbolizes THIS Insect.

If you are an avid fan of Korean historical drama, you might have noticed that the kings of olden days Korea (during the Joseon Dynasty period, 1392-1897, to be chronologically correct) wore a fancy bulbous hat and thought that they knew a thing or two

Why is Writing Names in Red a No-No?

Of all the colors available, there is one color which you should absolutely avoid when writing someone’s name in Korea – RED. This is especially true among the older generation and there are many theories surrounding this. The first theory is that RED is symbolic

Kimchi Used to be WHITE – The Evolution of Kimchi

KIMCHI AND KOREANS GO WAY BACK What comes to your mind when you think about Korean food? Among many possible candidates, Kimchi will surely be on the list. This tangy and spicy fermented side dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings has become