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korean bloodtype personality theory

What is Your Blood Type? Many Koreans Believe It Determines Your Personality

That’s right – Koreans are descendants of blood-sucking vampires and they want to make sure your blood is compatible with theirs before they stick their fangs in your neck! Nope, of course it was a lame joke. The fact is that many Korean people (a

When in Korea, Be Ready for an Odd Compliment “Your Face is So Small!”

WHAT A SMALL FACE YOU GOT! I ENVY YOU! “Wow! Your face is the size of a fist!” If someone says this to your face, don’t panic because he/she is not trying to pick a fight with you. Rather, it is a genuine compliment coming

When in Korea, be Ready for an Awkward Question “How Old Are You?”

 HOW OLD ARE YOU? AGE DETERMINES ROLES IN THE RELATIONSHIP If you are meeting someone for the first time in Korea, don’t panic if you are asked for your age on a very first meeting. While you might find the age question a bit too