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Why is Writing Names in Red a No-No?


Of all the colors available, there is one color which you should absolutely avoid when writing someone’s name in Korea – RED. This is especially true among the older generation and there are many theories surrounding this.

The first theory is that RED is symbolic of death, as it is the same color as BLOOD.

The second theory is rooted in Korean history. That is, when Grand Prince Suyang, the second son of King Sejong the Great of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897), was plotting a coup, he used RED ink to make a hit list of enemies on the opposing side.

The third theory claims that during the Korean War, RED ink was used to strike out the name of a dead civilian or soldiers killed in action. Whatever the case is, it is clear that RED is associated with unlucky, ominous events such as death, so it is something to look out for especially if your favorite color is RED.

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