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10 KPOP Words You Must Know – How Many Did You Know?



1. 대박 (Daebak)

Interjection. A term that can be used to express amazement or excitement. Can be translated as ‘Jackpot’ ‘Big Win’ ‘Awesome’ or ‘Incredible’.

Example) z KOKO’s new digital single all-killed the charts! It sure is a daebak album! I just saw Alisha in Myeongdong! D-A-E-B-A-K!

2. 애교 (Aegyo)

Noun. A compound word made up of two words where ‘ae’ means ‘love’ and ‘gyo’ means ‘beautiful’. It is an act of displaying affection through various expressions such as making cute gestures, talking in baby voice. While strongly associated with feminine traits, male K-Pop idols often engage in such behaviors but it is not something that is frowned upon.

Example) Yuna: Oppa~! Can you pweeease buy me this dress? Minho: How can I say no? Your aegyo reall melts me.

3. 헐 (Hul)

Interjection. Something you say when you are dumbfounded or lost for words.

Example) Oyu: Layla, I accidentally spilled coffee on your Oppa’s picture… Layla: Hul…

4. ㅋㅋㅋ (kekeke)

Noun. Chat acronym used to express amusement. Equivalent to LOL (laughing out loud).

Example) When I chat with him, he is so funny that I can say nothing but kekeke.

5. 러브라인 (Love Line)

Noun. It is a map of often complicated relationships among characters in K-Drama. For example, if Soomi and Tak have been having something going on and finally decide to go out, then they just formed a love line.

Example) Hey sweetie, do you want to form a love line with me?

6. 멘붕 (Menbung)

Noun. Mental breakdown. Mental shock.

Example) I got so men bung’ed when I heard my Oppa’s been having a secret affair with the member of GBGB.

7. 누나 로맨스 (Nuna Romance)

Noun. An older woman falling in love/getting involved in a romantic relationship with a younger guy. It often starts with a strong denial but eventually ends by giving in and accepting the reality.

Example) What? There is no way I’m having noona romance with him! He is way younger than me and I like him only as a dong saeng. Hm, on a second thought, he is kinda cute.

8. 오빠 (Oppa)

Noun. A term used by a younger female to call an older male. Can be used between siblings or anybody who have an established intimacy between each other. Guys are known to love hearing this from younger girls as it gives them a sense of superiority and dominance. Many girls use this to their advantage, by calling someone Oppa and asking for favors because it generally yields a higher success rate.

Example) Daisy: Sam, can you do the dishes for me? Sam: Hell naw. Daisy: Oppa~! Pweeeeease~! (Baby voice) Sam: Oh, ok.

9. 썸남/썸녀 (Some Nam/Some Nyeo)

Noun. Derived from the word ‘something’, it refers to a male or a female who’s got ‘something (romantic)’ going on with another. If you are a male, you would have ‘some nyeo (female)’, who can be someone you have been dating but are not officially going out yet. Hence you have ‘something (romantic)’ going on with her.

Example) No, she is not my girlfriend. She is just one of my many some nyeo’s.

10. 얼짱 (Ulzzang/Uljjang)

Noun. “The best face”. It is a term used to describe someone good looking. Again, it’s just the face that counts and nothing else. Even if you have a fat ugly body, you can still be an ulzzang if your face is pretty.

Example) In my selca’s I am an ulzzang, but when I take a full body shot I am an obese ulzzang.

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