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Kimchi is Science – The Kimchi Refrigerator


Inheriting the cherished Kimjang culture (the tradition of making and sharing large quantities of Kimchi to ensure that every household has enough to make it through the winter), “Kimchi refrigerator” has become a staple appliance in the homes of Koreans today. That’s right, there is a refrigerator made just for Kimchi!

At first, the idea of having a dedicated Kimchi refrigerator in addition to what you already have in the kitchen might not make too much sense, but when you see the science behind it, you would nod your head. First, its functions are not limited to keeping it cool to prevent spoilage.

Rather, it is a sophisticated machine programmed to precisely emulate the optimal environment for storing and fermenting Kimchi. They are designed to meet the specific storage requirements and fermentation processes unique to many different types of Kimchi by providing colder and more consistent temperature as well as more humidity and less air movement than a conventional refrigerator, eliminating the need for burying them in jars (called jangdok) in the ground.

Hence, Kimchi refrigerator is a good example which shows how traditions evolve with the advancement of technology.

At this point, I believe we can all agree that Koreans really got Kimchi down to a science!