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Delivering fun facts and stories not many people know

Have you ever wondered what the name Korea stands for and where it came from? Have you ever wondered why Korean people are so obsessed with their tangy and spicy Kimchi and its history? Have you also wondered which KPOP band has the biggest fan club in the world?

If you said yes to any of the questions, or have similar questions, you have come to the right place! Here at THE KOREA MAGAZINE, we focus on fun facts and stories not many people know. Well, they are lesser known not because they are of less importance, but because they are mostly behind-the-scenes stories and not widely available to the Korean and non-Korean audience alike.

We strongly believe that seeing the big picture is one thing but carefully observing their little pieces and how they are put together and interact with each other is another, and it will help you appreciate the work as a whole. (That was a metaphorical statement – we wanted to say that knowing many different aspects of Korean culture at the micro-level will help you understand how and why Korean culture/people function/act in a certain way).

For that reason, we are focusing on the stories and fun facts you won’t easily find elsewhere so that the most innocent questions you might have about Korea can be answered. It is our mission to  build a bridge between Korea and many fans of Korea so that the gap between the two can be closed. We welcome to THE KOREA MAGAZINE and also invite you to take part in our journey by submitting stories, asking questions, and joining discussion forums. Eoso Oseyo!

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