instant noodles consumption per capita

Do You Like Ramyun (Instant Noodles)? Then Consider Moving to Korea

  Enjoyed by presidents and beggars alike, ramyun (ramen or instant noodles in Korean) is a truly versatile food that can be had as a snack or as a meal. The best thing about these curly noodles that come in a shiny polypropylene packaging is its simplicity:

Top 10 Romantic Korean Dramas You Should Watch

Top 10 Romantic Korean Dramas You Should Watch #01 You Who Came from the Stars (2013) (별에서 온 그대)  Also Known As: My Love from the Star Genre: Romance, Comedy, Sci-Fi Cast: Kim Soo-hyun, Jun Ji-hyun, Park Hae-jin, Yoo In-na Number of Episodes: 21 Broadcast Network:

An infographic of South Korea's all-time Olympic Games medal table (1948-2012)

South Korea’s All-time Olympic Games Medal Table

South Korea first competed in the Olympics Game in 1948.  Here is an infographic of South Korea’s all-time Olympic Games medal table (1948-2012)  

korean bloodtype personality theory

What is Your Blood Type? Many Koreans Believe It Determines Your Personality

That’s right – Koreans are descendants of blood-sucking vampires and they want to make sure your blood is compatible with theirs before they stick their fangs in your neck! Nope, of course it was a lame joke. The fact is that many Korean people (a

korean king hat

Can You Guess? The Hat of the Korean Kings Symbolizes THIS Insect.

If you are an avid fan of Korean historical drama, you might have noticed that the kings of olden days Korea (during the Joseon Dynasty period, 1392-1897, to be chronologically correct) wore a fancy bulbous hat and thought that they knew a thing or two

Countries that Don’t Need a Visa to Visit North Korea

North Korea, one of the most reclusive countries in the world, keeps their door open to a handful of countries. Can you guess them? Up to 30 days without a visa Singapore Malaysia Holders of diplomatic / service passports issued to these countries can also visit without

The History of Thunder Sticks (Korea’s Top Export?)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend a day in the life of the hammer-wielding Norse god, Thor? With the mighty hammer Mjolnir, you can summon and control the powers of the storm. Among all, the coolest special effect must be

Why is Writing Names in Red a No-No?

Of all the colors available, there is one color which you should absolutely avoid when writing someone’s name in Korea – RED. This is especially true among the older generation and there are many theories surrounding this. The first theory is that RED is symbolic

Top 10 Highest Grossing Korean Movies in Hollywood

10. OLD BOY – $707,481 (#OF THEATERS : 28) 9. CHUN HYANG – $798,977 (#OF THEATERS : 16) 8. MASQUERADE – $922,921 (#OF THEATERS : 15) 7. THE BROTHERHOOD OF WAR – $111,1061 (#OF THEATERS : 34) 6. THE HOST- $2,201,923 (#OF THEATERS : 116) 5. ODE TO

Looking for a Mr. Kim in Seoul = Finding a Needle in a Haystack (The Story Behind Korean Last Names)

LOOKING FOR A MR. KIM IN SEOUL – FINDING A NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK Do you have a Korean friend? Then the chances are pretty good that his/her last name is one of the following: Kim, Lee, Park, or Choi. Well if not, your friend